Give me your eager, your dreamers, your striving misfits wanting to create abundantly, the artistic beauty of our calling. Send these compassionate souls to OUR door step. We lift our minds, hearts and souls together to discover what is to be discovered.


WE are the Pioneers. The World depends on us coming together as good energy human beings onto a team with a universal goal to ignite our imagination, create fun passionate projects, to tell unique stories, Inspire one another, build community, launch Careers, activate charity, heighten business and make a remarkable footprint everywhere WE set foot.


RokitPig is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate.
Publishing| Distribution| Public Relations| Marketing| Branding| Politics| Creative| Animation| Illustrations| Innovation| Producing| Post-production| Music| Writing| Directing| Acting

The RokitPig Team

Jerry Angelo

Jerry Angelo

Courtney Gail

Joe Lujan


Robert Dumond

Twila Miles


Kilo Alexander

Angela Joseph

Leo Zaza


TJ Encinias

Kufanya Gentry

Helen Gleason

Helen Gleason

Lachlan Jones


Roxy Traino

David Guitar

David Robbins

Aubrey Christine Trujillo

Adam Kennedy

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