John Crickellas

John Crickellas AKA JERSEY at the ready. Watchful and observant. Alert to the unknown danger ahead while filming the action-packed sequence of Obscura. When you enter her sandbox be prepared.

After hearing about the whirlwind of adventure the Obscura team offered. Crickellas’ son Jaeger, currently enlisted in the military, jumped at the opportunity to join the RokitPig production of Obscura as one of its military advisors.

Fun factoid – “John Crickellas, one of the funniest m***a f*****s on the planet. We spent hours on zoom together preparing for the role of Jersey – my favorite character in the opening part of the movie. Crickellas dove into the role and brought life to the character and it didn’t stop on set. Can’t wait to keep working with the guy.” Lachlan Jones