RokitPig Entertainment, with admiration honoring those who have fallen protecting our country, announces on this Memorial Day working with veteran author, James Rosone, to bring to life his best-selling novel on Amazon, Interview with a Terrorist.

CEO and a producer at RokitPig, Jerry G. Angelo, has adapted into screenplay the true story of military interrogator, James Rosone, during his years in Iraq
and the prolific troop surge of 2007.

Rosone began writing as a form of PTSD therapy after his time in the military, and now he and his wife, Miranda Watson, have released more than twenty books on Amazon. After building a successful writing business, he has begun to mentor other veterans to help them become authors.

Angelo and RokitPig are proud to partner with Front Line Publishing, Inc., to exhibit the turbulence, truths, and heartbreaking triumphs of the lives of interrogators into a feature film and television series.




“It’s an honor to help James tell his stories and support all our troops. It’s important that our country understands the weight, intricacies, and sacrifices, those who serve go through. It all comes with a cost.” Jerry G. Angelo, CEO RokitPig