Adam Kennedy
“If you search for evidence to prove yourself right, you will only find bias. If you search to prove yourself wrong, you will find truth.”

Adam Kennedy not only has an academic background with a bachelor’s in history and a minor in biology but also, he studied German and Russian. He first became interested in computers when he realized that digitizing artifacts would be the future. Adam began building archival websites and developed new ways for archival search engines to work better for the end-user. In addition, with the development of new digital technology and a need for visuals, Adam began to utilize photography as well as videography in his work.

Almost 25 years later, Adam has successfully adapted and expanded is academic background into the private sector. He is a credited researcher to the post-holocaust documentary “Jealous of the Birds”. Adam has produced countless promotional films, photography, and graphic art for the mixed martial arts industry, retail, healthcare, fitness and heavy industry. He has adapted his research skills to benchmark best practices in marketing and advertisement. He has continued to develop his web design skills which extended naturally into social media. His understanding of SEO and content has its foundation in his early academic archival work which is unique to the field.