“Still, like dust, I’ll rise.” Maya Angelou

Aubrey Christine Trujillo – Line Producer, Charities Director.  Trujillo has been in entertainment for her entire career of nearly two decades, having attained her master’s degree from UCLA. Trujillo’s childhood dream came to life when she saw her first musical CAROUSEL at the age of eleven. Trujillo’s is also a professional Opera singer and performs with LA Opera Connects, has performed at THE FORD Amphitheatre, The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center (The KATE), The Gary Marshall Theatre, The Jewel Theatre,  The California Theatre, among other stages. Performing on Broadway is a goal and in the makes. Trujillo excels in leadership, building systems that keep business organized, filling holes, and being the glue that strengthens teams to be their best.  Trujillo contributes to supporting Latino foundations of the arts, women shelters and animal rescues.