QUOTE: “Everyone is meant to follow their hearts. I have always had a big imagination and love for wanting to be around my friends and people I love. I’ve accepted I’m a storyteller, a producer, a romantic with a big heart with the want to include other selfless people to build something greater together. One of my gifts is knowing we will do it.” JGA

Jerry G. Angelo is the CEO and founder of RokitPig Entertainment, Fire Born Studios and Fire Born Films. Angelo sits as a Chairman of the Board of Liberal Arts Department of Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI), a Native American College, of ten years. Angelo played Division I football with the New Mexico Lobos his last year before graduating with a Communications degree and continued on to Grad school where he continued with Public Affairs. Having aspired to pursue the FBI, Angelo got a foot into National and State Politics working at the State Capital in Santa Fe, NM with the Pro Tempore and Majority Whip, Lobbying for Hospice, aiding a statewide election Land Commissioner, and working at the Hall of States in Washington D.C.

Angelo made his move into Entertainment at twenty-four having always been passionate in creative writing since a young boy. Politics taught Angelo how to do many things including building large projects and leading individuals into strong endeavors and manage projects through fruition. Angelo’s movie career started when he wrote a short film (Highway To Santa Fe) for his best friend to act in. Angelo raised the money for the production, placed the team together, then Directed and acted opposite his friend. Over the next 18 years until present day Angelo new nothing less than making himself as efficient to any production as was needed while continuously writing, developing, creating his own larger projects, with dozens of short films, commercials, music videos, PSA’s, web series, skits, acting and business of acting schools, teaching, mentoring, all which would lead to producing feature films.

Angelo has produced eleven feature films in the past 8 years. The two most recent are his own seeing them through distribution, American Warfighter and Artik. Over the years Angelo has built a steady library of original concepts and ideas, and intellectual properties streaming from Best Seller novels to music libraries. Having written over two dozen feature-length scripts himself, the brand of RokitPig is essentially the spring well of bringing everything together.