Joe Lujan is the CEO Carcass Studios, RA Images, and the creator of Ravage Reign Universe and comic book franchise. Lujan’s first love and compassion for animals lead him to pursue a careerlujan first as a Veterinarian, but his creative senses and inspiration ultimately opened the door to the entertainment world. Lujan has since built his career in entertainment for the past seventeen years, producing commercials, over one hundred short films and music videos, and sixteen feature films.

Lujan has been awarded many accolades for his original content and is an award-winning filmmaker in numerous categories from Best Picture, directing, writing, and visual effects. Lujan always raises monies at his premieres and donates toward different charities.

Lujan’s most recent successes in the film that are currently streaming are The Immortal Wars franchise, the Rust Franchise, up and coming to horror Billy and a Mini-Series titled “The Dawning” streaming now, and a published comic book series “TheVanquishers” and “Trikalypse” in book stores now.