“What matters most to my life is that I put all my abilities and enlightenment into helping humanity and being the same as father and husband for my family.” KG

Kufanya Gentry Is head of RokitPig’s Global Business Division as Director to lead our team to establish and transition grounded business relations foreign and domestic. Gentry is Egyptian, Chippewa Indian and Choctaw Indian American Native, born and raised in San Francisco CA.
After achieving his master degree’s at Cal State Berkley and North Western Universities in Corporate Intelligence, Administration and Justice of Law, Gentry worked at SONY in Global Marketing and Development. At thirteen years old, Gentry was taken under the wing of some prominent music executives and was able to learn the aspect of movies and music from a business point of view.

Gentry’s analytical desire to navigate and inspire economic strategies and foreign financial collaborations add to RokitPig’s scope of product release and sales. With new systems and practices always being implemented allows our company to be current and head of the curve, this includes an ongoing commitment to philanthropy with every project we do here at RokitPig.