QUOTE:” A win is a win is a loss is a loss don’t get caught up in the morals or ethics. At the end of the day, You’ve got to take risks towards your dreams. Don’t stop believing, keep your art alive.Leo Zaza LZ.
Zaza is the International Liason to EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) and Ethics Director for RokitPig. Zaza has a magical story and passion to build. Born, Hasan Aslan in a small village in Adıyaman Turkey.  Zaza lived a modest traditional Turkish life, participating in early education, daily chores of herding goats, and caring for various farm animals.  He worked the fields with his family growing fruits and vegetables, in order to have food for the winters.  As a child, he enjoyed Turkish music and dancing.
Although he had a strong love for his parents, as well as the village and wonderful memories of his childhood, Leo wanted to achieve better education and pursue greater possibilities.  At the age of 12, using the proceeds from the sale of a Keklik bird, (Partridge) that he had caught from the wild, Leo decided to spread his wings himself and move to İstanbul.  He also began to have a dream to study American theater and film acting in the United States.
Leo quickly understood the fundamentals of the service industry, working his way up the ladder into a managerial position.
Zaza packed his bags and set out for Hollywood.   He would soon find himself at home in his heart, pursuing his acting education attended the Conservatory program at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre. He also trained with Coach Snyder’s Theater Lab and Ivana Chubbuck. In addition, he became a certified Master in Serrada Eskrima stick fighting under the Grandmaster Guru Kali Khan.